awwwards judge & designer specializing in ui/ux, Digital products, & Brand
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About me.

Hey, I'm Landon. Multi-Disciplinary Graphic and Digital Designer with focus areas in in UI/UX, Digital Products, and Brand. I'm currently working at Grow: Creative Innovation agency in Norfolk, Virginia.


My reason for creating.

Transitioning over from art to design and visual communication was no mistake. Design presented itself as the ability to make an impact, solve complex problems, and help advance the way that we interact, engage, and tell stories. This alone was enough to get me interested.

What I'm up to

Creating unexpected
digital experiences.

I currently create digital experiences for Grow, a creative innovation agency based in Norfolk, VA. When I'm not working during the day, I'm helping established brands and startups tell their unique story through the lens of my personal design studio, Cooper Design Co.

Where I work

Keep it simple.
Problem, then solution.

First and foremost defining the problem is the starting point, and then strategy and exploration of solutions will follow. Through research and an empathetic approach to complex problems, I aim to stick to the root of the problem without overthinking it. Check out some of the personal work I've been exploring.

Personal Projects

Brands I've worked with.

Each story is different and brings something new to the table. I've had the opportunity to work with a handful of great brands, partners, and initiatives—all unique in their own right.

AdidasAdult SwimGoogleNetflixRed BullSpotify

Youtube Ad Sequencing: Data Visualization


G Suite: Business Value Calculator

Red Bull

Red Bull Presents: Play with Ninja


Xpressive: Spring/Summer 2019 Campaign


Website Interactions & UI/UX


3D Art & Design

The historical basketball league

League Branding, Strategy, & Art Direction


Illustration Collection


Logo Collection

Say hello.

I love meeting new people. Got a project you'd like to get started? Want to chat? Drop me a message below, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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