Landon Cooper

Digital Designer + Art Director currently living and working in Richmond, Virginia.

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The Designer
I'm a Digital Designer solving problems through the focused areas of UI/UX, Branding, 3D, and Motion.
All while maintaining focus on a cohesive user-experience.

With cultivating a career start in Graphic Design, Logos, and Branding, I made the transition to the world of digital design slowly over time. Grappling with a range of skills, I currently pride myself on focusing primarily within the digital mediums of the creative industry. Over time I've been grateful to have opportunities collaborating with brands on digital campaigns, activations, social, web, products, branding, ux, concept storytelling, problem solving—the whole spectrum.

I kicked off my career several years working in the Distance Learning Department at Old Dominion University creating initiatives for remote learning at the international level. I then moved over to advertising where I learned how to move fast and solve multiple problems simultaneously while collaborating with cross-functional teams. I did this at both full-time and freelance capacities. I now currently work as Sr. Designer at Fantasy.

The Person
From humble beginnings, to forging a pathway to a better future through design and creativity.
Over the years I've learned that good things take time. Plain and simple.

Growing up a multi-racial kid in a military family definitely had its challenging moments. Constantly picking up and moving was always difficult. The only constant was art and family. Fast forward, as life had its trying chapters, creativity continued to be a safe haven. It wasn't until 15 that I stumbled upon the online community of designers creating content on YouTube that I became curious.

After becoming a first generation college grad with a BFA in Design, my passions were set on going all in.

Transitioning over to digital design years later, my passion transformed. Through my own challenging experiences growing up, I channeled a desire to represent creatives that come from more diverse backgrounds.

Not as a company checkbox or quota. Not as a recruitment tactic. Simply to show that it's possible to make an impact doing what you love. There's a long-lasting barrier to entry in the creative industry. "Do you code? How many Awards to you have? Print is cool but can you do digital? We make cool sh*t. Come be with the "in" crowd" and so on.

I hope to take part in a future where we can usher in a generation of creatives where you can come from different circumstances and backgrounds while still creating equitable opportunities at scale.

Like it or not, my approach as a Designer is my approach as a person. Hard working and unapologetically resilient.

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