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Web Interactive + Motion / Design Lead

We had the opportunity to work with the Google G Suite team to create a product site experience that would help businesses understand and see how Google's G Suite tools can potentially be a viable business option. Through utilizing the Business Value Calculator it creates a clear and concise experience that allows business professionals determine the business implications of taking the next step towards G Suite integration.



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Project Reflection
Project engagement takeaways, learnings, and results.

Google's G Suite tools, products, and resources have quickly become a household name in the world of business over the years. But how do you show the value of these tools? Sometimes it's a numbers game. People want to see the data—the bottom line. That's where we came in. Working with an awesome team at Grow, we worked with Google's G Suite team to create a website experience that also served as a web-product calculator that could validate the overall value of G suite on your business.

Through the evaluated metrics of employee efficiency, revenue growth, risk mitigation, and IT costs we successfully created a tool to help ease skepticism and provide comfort to businesses considering converting over to G Suite's wide array of tools and products.

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