A collection of
current works

A collection of side projects created over time. I've decided to take a moment to track my progress and also connect with my work on a different level by creating a curated feed of finished and in progress works.


Still Life.


Landscape exercise.


Takin' a day trip.


Physical product and materials exercise.


Shoe rendering and materials exercise along with a layout geared towards a conceptual lookbook shoe release.





Still life.


Still life.


Simple and minimal architectural study. Speed modeling exercise taken place to work on creating more refined compositions.


I had a lot of fun with this piece. Although simplistic at first glance, the idea here was to apply the minimalist principle of removing versus adding. Once the layout was locked, additional time was spent on details such a materials, node shaders, artistic drapery, and creating a strong focal composition.


With this particular project, I had an initial render and as I learned more about lighting and materials I decided to take a second pass. This was quick and I'd still do some things differently but overall, I enjoy this much better. Bottom (Previous Render), Top (Updated Render)


Cloth Simulation Exercise


Landscape exercise. In this 3D exercise, I've been working on trying to enhance my skills of the Octane Render Node Editor for better shader/material building. Foliage is particularly interesting due to how the sun hits a blade of grass or leaf and how much of the sun transmits through parts of the material. Another thing that I took notice on was how light reflects on foliage. I started looking around in life more when I would go and walk my dog, this helped me take notice of surroundings and the visual and physical relationship between plants and sunlight in an indoor and outdoor environment.


As I've been furthering my knowledge of 3D and creating forestry, I've wanted to start incorporating surrealist elements that blend with real-world landscapes. Here's I've made the foliage purple to reflect just that.


Two individual landscape studies I did to work on some new 3D knowledge. In these exercises I've explored using fog volumes for atmospheric depth, as well as using the node editor to create a level of material realism down to the blade of grass. Still lots to learn.


After watching the Travis Scott documentary on Netflix, called "Look Mom I Can Fly", I became really inspired to create something and wanted to make a quick alternative album cover add on that could potentially come after the 'Astroworld' album. Had a lot of fun creating this.


A surrealist landscape study. Exploring creating volumetric clouds from scratch and also surface textures for landscapes.


A re-do on the Adidas NMD Shoe commercial project. This time around we went with a monochromatic color scheme and tightened up some of the visual details of the composition.


This exercise was to create custom materials and lighting for a Dodge Challenger and create and interactive site experience that is heavily product based. By using 3D art and design it allows for an elevated product. This goes beyond the standard automobile website or television ad spot. The interactive site gives the user an opportunity to take an isolated look at the vehicle through an audio visual web experience.


Another still life exercise using the Direct Lighting Kernel in Octane while exploring light emitters, gamma, and overall mood lighting.


In this exploration, I've experimented with using volumes for the first time. This allowed for me to add things like fire, smoke, and fog to my compositions.


Here in this piece I worked to push my personal style which encompasses real world settings with subtle fantastical elements that create a surrealist mood. In this piece I worked on practicing small details like making curtains, creating a bubble material, and creating the type of lighting on contrast that I want.


I recently took some time to dive into the world of Dynamics. In addition to these explorations, I've worked on methods for using a camera to enhance realistic motion. This includes shutter speeds, motion blur, depth of field and so on. In this exploration, I took a break from Octane and used Cinema 4D's native Physical Renderer.


A friend and I started a personal project that started off small and then became a larger idea. We decided to initially do a simple animation and then figured we could one up this project and make a quick tv product spot that would blend 3D art and motion design.


This is a current model in the works. I decided to create a custom AKAI music controller with keys and MPC pads. I'm hoping to later be able to texture in substance painter.

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